The PPT is willing to go with the tourist wherever he wants. The route, however, will be agreed upon and accepted by both when signing the contract.

The Photo Personal Traveller is free all the year round, other engagements permitting.

The booking of the PPT’s service must be made at least within 30 days before leaving. It is also possible to book within a shorter period of time for short excursion or for special cases which will be weighed up at the moment.

No, he isn’t. Anyway, he can suggest according to his own experience or knowledge, places which can make the tour much more interesting.


It would definitely be better. It is important for the PPT to know the philosophy of the tour he is going to set on, the goals of the tour and the personalities and characters of the travellers.


The cost of the service reckons the total cost of transport, board and lodging. Such cost will be added to the cost of the service that will be estimated when analyzing the course of the tour.

The terms of payment for the service will be stated in the contract.

A series of further services are expected as to the standard already set. However, they will be pointed out in the introduction form and in the contract.

The numbers of travellers is something that varies when estimating the course of the tour.

The kind of tour in an important aspect which will be estimated when analyzing it.

The travellers will be charged only if they ask the PPT to go into museums or in a specific visit.


It is possible to present someone with a PPT’s service by means of a special voucher. The formalities to comply with will be discussed one by one.


The photos will be issued on pendrive size jpeg. If choosing any extra services, it will be possible for the tourist to get the printing of the photos or the making of a book if he wants to.

The photos, size jpeg, will be ready within 1-3 months according to the kind of tour and the number of photos.


The selection will be made by the Photo Personal Traveller. As to the printing of some of the photos or the making of a book, the selection will be made by the client, supported by the PPT’s technical skill.


It is absolutely forbidden to use the PPT’s equipment.

The Photo Personal Traveller will be responsible for damages caused by him. He will not be responsible if caused by one of the travellers. In that case he must be indemnified for the damages he has suffered.


The ownership of the photos belongs to the PPT as per contract.


The Photo Personal Traveller can refuse to take a photo that can jeopardize his own life or the life of any other person. Moreover, he can refuse to take photos that are not to his liking or are in bad taste or can damage or infringe the rights of any other living being.