Gianluca Sambati

“… I resume my journey day after day, without ever stopping, contemplating things with different eyes.”


It’s not very easy to answer when asked to talk about ourselves. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often, it actually compels us to ask ourselves questions, to probe into our souls…

It is just than that we realize we are obliged to be sincere to does who want to know us, but above and first of all to be sincere to ourselves.

My life has always been and still is full of emotions, of joys and sorrows. Jam-packed with hard changed which have affected my whole self, involving both my personal and sentimental spheres as well as everything connected with work and family life.

I have always been convinced that life si something wonderful, worth being lived to the full, without restraint. Every day I wake up breathing the fresh air of the morning fully aware of the reality I am surrounded by and musing on my tremendous luck. I am a man who can decide on what to do in his life in total freedom.

I think it is extremely difficult to sum up in a few worlds what I think about myself. I should talk about every single person I have come across, every place I have been on my marvelous journeys, every word uttered or heard when dealing with people. Gianluca is the outcome of all these experiences which have moulded up the man I am now.

Photography is one of my outstanding passions. I remember that long ago somebody asked me what such passion meant to me. The answer I gave them is still alive in my mind and I remember it with utter joy:

“An emotion, this is photography for me. A look, a smile, a tear, a gesture, yet again the majesty and grandeur of a mountain, the peace and quiet of valley, the slow silent flowing of a river, the fascinating glorious colours of a butterfly…”

I immediately realized that those words concealed much more than my love for that splendid art which is photography. Hidden though in full view there was and there is now an intense love for life. I treasure this love and I take it with me every day!

This is the reason why some people consider me as a die-hard optimist or as a romantic dreamer. I think, on the contrary that mine is only a strong desire for happiness enjoying everything little or great that the world we are stepped in lavishes on us.

This happiness is kept alive by a never ending discovery of the wonders scattered all over, by the many obstacles I am able to overcome and make me stronger and much more aware of what is going on around me.

These past years have been marked by an extraordinary inner growth, a route which as given me a different vision of life, a much wider conception of the world. This evolution even though up and coming, has got me to understand that a man must always ask himself questions even about what might appear as clear-cut at first sight.

The wonderful implication of such route lies in that what gave me emotions in the past, is still so powerful as to give me the save emotion now, though in a different way.

Some glorious lines by Jose Saramago remark how important it is for a traveller to see not only what he has not seen yet, but to see again what he has already seen with different eyes!

He goes on saying: it is important “to resume our journey” to retrace our steps in other to mark out new unforeseen ways.

These are the thoughts I cherish. I have jotted them down because they best voice my feelings and what is going on during this period of my life.

“I resume my journey” day after day, without ever stopping, contemplating things with different eyes.

Make of your journey a work of art!

It is time for me now to help all those who love travelling, who live as people that long for the joy of being amazed before the wonders offered by nature and, above all, those whose existence in fed by emotions.

I will be your shadow so that the most beautiful moments of your experience may always keep their living power and be part of your travelling album.