Photo Personal Travel

Photo Personal Traveller

This is Gianluca Sambati, a professional photographer, your PHOTO PERSONAL TRAVELLER.

It is difficult if not impossible for me to talk about myself in few words. I should mention every single person I have met way faring, every place I have visited in my beautiful trips, every word uttered and heard during my experiences…this is Gianluca because all this extraordinary background is the support of what I am now.

One of my grates most enjoyable passion is photography…I still remember that someone, long ago, asked me what such a passion meant for me. I still remember the answer very well, and I remember it with the utmost joy:

“An emotion, that is photography for me. A look, a smile, a tear, a friendly gesture, and furthermore the superb splendour of a mountain, the calm of a valley. The slow flowing of a river or the wonderful colours of a butterfly.”

Everything deserves to be framed if you lived each instant of that whole with passion and joy.

Catching emotions while travelling has always been my philosophy…I have always considered my camera a means not an end. It has been through it that I found myself plunged into new cultures, races, traditions, and fascinating new worlds.

It is time for me now to help all those who love travelling, who live as people that long for the joy of being amazed before the wonders offered by nature and, above all, those whose existence in fed by emotions.

Whether you have planned a journey with your friends, or a firm meeting, or a family holiday, or a dream trip with the lady friend of your life….

I will turn each event into timeless living experience…

I will be your shadow so that the most beautiful moments of your experience may always keep their living power and be part of your travelling album.

You will never forget what you have seen because in my photos you will run again into the landscapes, monuments and fellow travellers you enjoyed then, but above all you will live once again the emotions you went through in your journey.

How many times did you ask yourself about how to take that photo?

How many pictures you would have liked to bring home with you?…

How many times did you dream of your personal travelling album cover?

All that is no longer a dream!

Well, that dream has come true!

I will be a discreet fellow traveller who knows how to be on your side wherever you want to go. Through my shots you will be able to relish your journey…my pictures will be a memory to treasure forever.

Your friends will be thrilled when listening to your travelling photographic report where your fellow traveller and you are the protagonists.

You won’t have to bother about having a camera with you any more….or seizing that precise magic moment you are keen on you want to fix forever….you can thoroughly commit yourself to live and cherish the deepest essence of your journey!

Make of your journey a work of art!